Government Youth Agribusiness Opportunities Applications

The ENABLE Youth Kenya Program aims at contributing to job creation, food and nutrition security, income generation and improved livelihoods for youth both in urban and rural areas.

The Program is funded by the Government of Kenya and the African Development Bank (AfDB) and is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries & Cooperatives.

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The Program is implemented using an incubation model for agricultural entrepreneurship (agripreneurship) which entails training, nurturing, mentoring, coaching and financing successful youth candidates.

The incubation is done in eight Youth Agri-Business Incubation Centres (YABICs) as detailed online at

Each Incubation Centre is focused on specific value chains entry nodes:

  • Supply of inputs – (including Seeds, Fertilizers, Agrochemicals, animal feeds, hatcheries, farm implements and machinery etc.),
  • Production,
  • Value addition and Processing – (including animal feed formulation),
  • Trade and Marketing – (including aggregation, distribution) and Services – (Extension, transportation, Technology, tractor hire, bailing, Artificial Insemination etc)

NB: Youths are encouraged to apply to all the other nodes apart from Production. ENABLE Youth Kenya Program is recruiting suitable Agripreneurs as Incubatees to be Incubated and Trained within the supported value chains.

Two categories of target Incubation process

1. Standard Incubatee (Start-up)

Targets unemployed graduates (Diploma or Degree) or start-up agripreneur with an agribusiness idea that requires incubation to actualize.

The expected timeline for the standard Incubatees to go through the incubation process will be between six and twelve months.

2. Accelerated Incubatee

Targets graduates (Diploma/Degree) youth who own and run an agribusiness that has been in existence for at least more than one and half years but lack access to credit, market linkages or require better business planning skills to accelerate business growth.

The expected timeline for the accelerated Incubatees to go through the incubation process will be between three and six months.

Eligibility Criteria

The opportunity is open to all Kenyan Youths who meet the eligibility criteria below.

1. Must be a Kenyan Citizen with a National ID, aged between 18-35 Years.

2. A holder of a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized institution in any field of study.

3. Shall be required to submit a PIN No. from Kenya Revenue Authority.

4. A demonstrable interest in Agriculture/ Agribusiness either through previous clubs & associations, personal initiatives, seminars and training on agri-issues or any other criteria.

5. Willing to establish an agribusiness for Standard Incubatee (Start-up) and own and run an agribusiness for Accelerated incubate.

6. Have a viable agribusiness idea.

7. Value Chains – The proposal should fit within the priority value chains (see details in the online application system at as mapped out by the program and assigned to incubation centres.

Youth are invited to apply for Cycle 2 (2021) of the Incubation and Training

Application Process

i. Get more details and Apply online at

ii. Application Period: 26th October to 24th November 2021 (30 Days)

iii. All applications will be made online during the application open period

iv. Shortlisted youth will be contacted for interviews


• This recruitment will be carried out by ACAL Consulting

• The youth will be provided with a stipend while on training

• The Incubation and Training will take into consideration the COVID-19 Ministry of Health protocols.


Program Coordinator

ENABLE Youth Kenya Program

Upper Floor (ASCU) Kilimo House,

Cathedral Road

PO Box 30028- 00100 Nairobi

Tel 020 2718870 Ext 48244

Recruiting Partner ACAL Place, Victoria Office Suites

PO Box 20382 – 00100 Nairobi,,

twitter: EnableYouthKenya

Facebook: Enable Youth Keny

Government Youth Agribusiness Opportunities Applications

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