Students Celebrate 4K Club Fruits with Record-Breaking Pumpkin Yield

Moi Kapsowar Girls High School was among the first institutions to implement the concept shortly after it was endorsed by President Uhuru Kenyatta to complement Food Security, one of his administration’s Big Four Agenda. 

The school’s principal, Hellen Mabese, described it as timely and was captured on multiple news platforms leading by example by working on the institution’s farms with students.

As part of the 4K Club initiative, students at the school planted various crops such as collards, kale, and pumpkins in August 2021.

 “We are making agriculture attractive to the young people. Besides, these clubs help students learn farming skills and can produce crops back at home. The produce we will get from the school farm will help supplement the learners’ diet,” Mabese said. 

As the Bible says, you reap what you sow, and the students were overjoyed on Friday, February 4, when they harvested a bountiful harvest from the plots they tilled and planted pumpkins in.

Mabese was pleased with the progress, saying it was inspiring to see young girls work hard and be rewarded for it. 

“As part of training students on self-reliance and food security, the school created an enabling environment and supported students from across all the classes grow different varieties of vegetables. 

“This harvest is a win as it gratifies them to learn that their labour was not in vain and their diet will be supplemented,” Mabese, said.

Teachers from the institution joined the students in celebrating the achievement and pledged to help them produce even more while keeping their foot firmly on the academic pedal.

“By continually watering the pumpkins, we ensured the crop survived the dry spell that was continually witnessed in this area from late last year. It feels good to get good harvest,” said School Captain Nicole Livoi.

The students had previously harvested sukuma wiki (green collards) for their own consumption at school.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha praised the school for setting a good example by incorporating basic life skills such as farming and environmental conservation into students’ overall education.

High School Students Celebrate 4K Club Fruits with Record-Breaking Pumpkin Yield

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